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That Fishy Image On Apple Maps Is Not The Loch Ness Monster

Apple AAPL -1.31% Maps may have had trouble getting all of its users’ to their destinations in its early days, but it managed to re-ignite enthusiasm in one of Europe’s longest-running ...

Business seminar on cashing in on the Loch Ness Monster

Thinkstock Businesses in the Highlands have been offered free advice on how they can cash in on the Loch Ness Monster myth. A free seminar, called Monster Marketing, will be hosted ...
bigfoot face

Bigfoot Evidence – A Clear Photo of Bigfoot’s Face?

We knew there was something something about Sally Ramey. Ramey’s the ex-publicist for Dr. Melba Ketchum before the fallout from the botched Bigfoot DNA study. This photo was ...

Scott Mardis Documents On Loch Ness Monster Flipper Photos Controversy Part 1

Papers arranged by Scott Mardis and sent to me on pdf file. I have chosen not to reprint everything for various reasons, in part because some of the documents were hard to read, however ...

Bigfoot Evidence-Bigfoot or Swamp Monster?

Is there a Bigfoot in this photograph? According to Bigfoot researcher Leroy Blevins, there’s definitely something in the swamp — and it’s spear fishing. Blevins ...
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